Is It Any Good?

Where the Rich and Republican live and play.  Orange County being the only place in Southern California where you’ll still see a lot of John McCain for President T-shirts and bumper stickers.  Despite that it is GORGEOUS. And it has a lovely Mexican Restaurant sitting atop a hill overlooking the beach called Las Brisas which is worth the trip alone.  Park at the Restaurant, eat, then walk off your food up and down the main drag.  There’s also an Arts and Crafts fair that is positively kooky, every couple of weeks at a permanent location (you’ll pass it on your way into Laguna).

See? Isn’t this wonderful?

PARKING: Yeah. Gonna be a bit expensive. As in north of 20 bucks expensive. But like I said, park at Las Brisas and walk around from there. It’s centrally located (although atop a hill), with a damn good meal attached.