Is It Any Good?

The center of the damn universe. No, seriously. Just ask ‘em.

I know deep down, folks want to roll onto Rodeo Drive and shop like the Stars do, but…I’m sure they shop there…occasionally. Odds are their Agent is based in Beverly Hills (although a lot of them have moved), stop by the Ivy for Lunch and maybe see your Hairdresser, or get a suit tailored? You can do all that stuff at Rodeo Drive.

But why?

There’s a certain tackiness to Beverly Hills. My skin literally starts to crawl when I’m there, and its not an aversion to Rich people. There are plenty in Santa Monica, in Brentwood, or even Pasadena. I don’t get that vibe there. They’re just awfully proud of themselves in Beverly Hills, and I’m not sure why. It’s a place where a lot of money meets, gets together and celebrates itself. But you’re far from the ocean. You don’t have any meaningful freeway access. It’s a traffic fight to get in and out of there on bad days, and if you want good Chinese Food (which is a must for me, you’ve got to somewhere else, way the hell far away).

And on top of that, the celebrities you love, the one’s you came to town hoping to see…odds are, they don’t live there.

I mean, I’m sure a few of them do, but odds are the fancy house you’re looking at belongs to an Insurance Broker, or a Real Estate guy, or a Doctor (Plastic Surgeon). The celebrities you’re thinking of, probably have ensconced themselves in Bel Air, Malibu, Santa Monica or even Santa Barbra (which is an hour and a half away by car).

At the end of the day, Rodeo Drive is a first class shopping experience just as Beverly Hills has many first class dining experiences. Of course both those go along with first class prices. So you’ve got to stop and ask yourself. Do you really want to pay that much for something, just for the privilege of saying you bought or ate it on Rodeo Drive?


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Those first class prices apply to the parking too.

Maybe its better just to drive through.


PARKING: Son of a gun, the City of Beverly Hills has an actual (an actually pretty decent) Parking Website. Thus, we’ll be adding their Parking Map to our collection of Parking Maps.


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