Is It Any Good?

The American Burger Joint done right…and done by first class Chefs.

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Believe it or not, during our cold, dark winter of the 2008 Recession/Near Great Depression, there arose a trend calling for high-end, chef-prepared, American comfort food classics. This trend was led by places such as Umani Burger and this place.

In the end, I prefer Go Burger over Umani, but by just a the thinnest of thingy-thin hairs. Realistically speaking, it’s a matter of apples and oranges.

I believe Go Burger started off as a Food Truck in New York, eventually expanding into the Brick and Mortar facilities we see today. They’ve got real cooks back there cooking your burger. And when I say cooking, I mean to perfection.

You step inside, and it’s a cool-looking combination of a hip club and a sports bar (given all the TVs running, showing the game). But, it’s still a burger joint, and given all the comfort food it serves, it’s here to…well, make you feel better.

Granted, given the calorie count you may put down, you may feel a bit more than just guilty when you walk out of there, but you will have had a really good meal, and more importantly, one of the greatest burgers in the process.

Sorry, Vegetarians need not apply.


WHAT (BURGER) SHOULD I GET?: And yes, you are getting a burger (the name of the place is Go Burger, after all). You may not know it yet. You may not accept it yet, but yes, you are getting a burger.

Now, which kind of Burger? Better question. I usually get the Ulti-Melt, which is basically two Grilled Cheese sandwiches with a burger in between. Veeerrry tasty. I’ve also tried the Ramly Burger, which was a burger of the week at one point. This was the freakiest burger I have ever tried. It was a half pounder with Habenero Barbecue sauce. Very, very spicy. On top of that, they throw on a fried egg. (Is there nothing made better than by the conspicuous addition of an egg? — Anthony Bourdain)

Unfortunately, it was a Burger of the week, so its not readily available. Still, there is good news on that front in the Important Safety Tip.


PARKING: Not ideal, but very doable. You’re in better hands if you’re going to the Arclight Hollywood, parking there and walking the block and a half. There is a small lot on the block with Go Burger for the Sunset-Vine Office Complex, which is shared by Off-Vine (you can see it in one of the Off-Vine photos), and such luminaries as Chiplote. It’s got all of eight spots, but is backed up by an underground Garage back by Valets.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: During my latest visit, we discovered that Go Burger had changed to Go Burger Bar and Grill with a far more expansive and ambitious menu, and now serve things like Hanger Steak, Salmon and…Hummus?. The switch was made at the beginning of the year (2012). They’ve gotten rid of the Hot Dogs (which were okay, not a reason to visit). The ever-famous Duck Fat Friesare not on the menu, but apparently you can ask for them; telling me that they’ll keep serving them until they run through their latest order of Duck Fat, then we’ll see.

One of the features they added as a Build-Your-Own Burger option, so the legendary (in my mind) Ramly Burger is not completely lost to time.  You can make one yourself given the options on the menu.  (Though as a word of caution, the Habernero Sauce isn’t there, so you’ll have to make do with a milder option).

Basically, the idea seems to be that they want to make it more of a place you can bring a date now, instead of just your boys to kick back, have a burger or an adult beverage and watch the game. Makes sense if you think about it.


GO Burger
6290 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
Telephone: (323) 327-9355

Mon.–Sat.: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Sunday: 11:30am – 10:00pm