Is It Any Good?

The best and now, the least inexpensive of L.A.’s First Class Multiplexes.

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The Arclight was one of the first…if not the first…First Class Movie Multiplexes in L.A. And its still a treat to go to. Entering the Lobby is like entering the concourse at Grand Central Station; there’s a massive clock, and all your showtimes hanging up there like Departures to Europe.

Now what do I mean by First-Class Multiplex? Well, it’s a place where, if necessary, all the needs of your evening are provided. Bar, Restaurant, Book Shop, and of course the in-movie experience is great. You may pay a little more, but you get a reserved seat. When it comes to those Summer Blockbusters, it pays to go to the Arclight. After all, what would you rather be doing? Would you rather stand in a long line for an hour or two waiting to maybe get a seat close to the wall or to the screen? Or would you rather have a reserved seat. Show up at the bar 30 minutes before showtime, have a bear, then saunter into the Theater when you’re damn good and ready?

And did I mention that the Arclight has a Restaurant and a Bar inside? Yeah, well…it does. Now, neither of these places are reasons to go to the Arclight. No one plans to have a meal there. You go because you’re short on time, and you want to make it to your movie. As good as the other restaurants are in Hollywood, none of them are going to ask you what time your movie starts so they can hustle your food out quicker.  Only the Arclight does that.

Still, if you want to try some of the other fare outside the Arclight Complex, you have plenty of really good options. There’s Chan Darae right across the street, and Off-Vine down the block. There’s Magnolia Bar and Grill, and Go Burger. You can also try Umani Burger in the Space 15 Twenty just behind Jack in the Box (careful, it’s a bit of a maze back there) and there’s even K&L Wine Merchants if you want to sample a bit of the grape. And of course, Arclight is right across the street from Amoeba Records, if you need a place to hang-out that doesn’t involve food or drink…


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: You should be “getting” a movie, but if you have to eat here, I’ve had the Steak Sandwich, my go-to move if I’m eating there. They also have nice desserts. I’d show you examples, but Arclight, in their site redesign, has taken the menu off their website. (Each of the other locations: Beach Cities, Sherman Oaks and Pasadena each has their own menus.)


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: I recommend ordering your tickets online before you show up at the Theater. Arclight’s Ticket Counter can take a while, because you’re not just ordering tickets, you’re picking a seat, and that’s the part that can take a while.


PARKING: An Arclight usually has its own garage, or access to one.  This is true of the Hollywood, Pasadena and Sherman Oaks locations.  Now, of course, they cost (expect to pay 4-8 bucks, depending on how long you’re there).


Arclight Cinemas
6360 W Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 464-1478

Daily: 11:30am-12:00am.