Is It Any Good?

A Vegetarian (or formerly Vegetarian) romantic paradise in the deep in the heart of Calabasas.

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It’s a California Stereotype come to life.

It’s…colorful…history can be found here. Inn of the Seventh Ray is nestled in some crazy nook of the Santa Monica mountains. All the seating is outdoors, or under tents. Its trees are strung with lights, like going into the woods to have dinner at Galadriel’s house. (Okay, that was a Lord of the Rings reference. Sorry, even though I am a nerd, I promise that won’t happen again.)

The food is okay…but let’s be honest, you didn’t come here for the food, did you? You’re here to get caught up, to get swept up in all this romantic stuff.

Now, when I first came here, the food was strictly Vegan/Vegetarian, with some seafood thrown in. Now, it looks a little more diverse. You can actually have a Filet Mignon at the Inn, but it’ll cost ya. Maybe they finally recognized that the boyfriends who were coming here, needed something to eat, too.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: The menu has changed quite a bit since my last visit. But I would be looking hard at the Prime Hanger Steak with Huiltacoche Potato, Morel Mushroom Duck Bacon and Napa Cabbage Slaw, Whole Grain Mustard Yogurt.


PARKING: The Restaurant has it’s own parking.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: There’s even a New-Age/Eastern philosophy Bookstore at the main entrance to bide your time as you await your table.  It’s pretty good, all things considered.  As I recall, you check in.  Nob around the bookstore, and then they come get you.  Being swept into the place is part of the show too, you know.


Inn of the Seventh Ray
128 Old Topanga Canyon Road
Topanga Canyon, CA
(310) 455-1311

Mon.-Fri. :11:30AM – 10:00PM
Saturday: 10:30AM – 10:00PM
Sunday: 9:30AM – 10:00PM