Is It Any Good?

Oh, I wish this Glendale staple would just call themselves a Middle-Eastern place and get it over with.

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Raffi’s place is nestled into his own little corner of Glendale. It specializes in Middle East cuisine with, what I believe is a Persian twist.

What’s nice about the place is that it’s half outdoors (see update). It’s built in the center of a open courtyard. Even the kitchen is only accessible through the courtyard. Now, since this is a little inconvenient if it rains (and believe it or not, it does rain in Southern California), they’ve since expanded into rooms to the left and right of the courtyard which are completely indoors.

The food comes at you on some seriously, generously sized plates, filled with rice infused with Saffron. You’ve have your entrée, a roasted Tomato, and Hummus. You got to have the Hummus.

Odd story, my first recollection about Raffi’s place was seeing the place shortly after 9/11, when the owner started draping the place in American flags, in an almost desperate plea of “don’t shoot”. I still don’t understand why this guy (or gal) had anything to fear in heavily Armenian Glendale, but the flags are still there. And if you visit the Raffi’s website, I challenge you to find any reference to anything Middle East in at least the opening pages.


UPDATE: May 7, 2013: Raffi’s as undergone a major, major renovation, and I’ve got to say the place looks fantastic.  They definitely got their money’s worth.  It looks a lot nicer, and a lot sleeker…

…but it’s no longer halfway outdoors.  Just so you know.

And the American flags are gone.  Good for them. They ain’t got anything to fear anymore.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Let’s be honest. Raffi’s is a Kabob place. Now, granted, it’s a really, really nice linen table-cloth and first-class service Kabob Place, but…

So, guess what? You’re getting a Kabob. I went with Beef.


PARKING: Well, consult the Glendale Parking Map, but I’d park at the Glendale Galleria Garage and just walk (through the mall). You used to come out through what was Merwyn’s, but that’s closed (the whole chain folded), and just cross the street. Until another Magnet Store opens up in its space, I’d go out the exit next to Nordstrom. Just go down the escalator, step out the door, and hand a right. A half block later you’re right at the same intersection you’d cross if you’d left out of Merwyn’s.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: The Raffi’s Website that I challenged you to visit? Well, at one point, my PC at work said it used a site that has been known to send out malware, so beware of that.

It’s important to make the distinction, Raffi’s site probably isn’t sending out malware, rather its using a service that’s had a problem in the past with sending out Malware, an ad or a script. Just be aware. Last time I logged in, everything was fine. No problem.


Raffi’s Place
211 East Broadway
Glendale, CA

Tel: (818) 240-7411

Monday-Saturday: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday 11:30 am – 9:00 pm