Is It Any Good?

The latest of Rick Caruso’s shop-n-eat paradises in Glendale.

Americana at Brand stirred up a lot of unnecessary controversy when it was proposed. For me, having just moved to Glendale at the time, I liked the idea of there being a Grove-like Mall in walking distance from my new crib. But, this being California, there had to be a local ballot imitative to prevent the scourge of traffic and congestion hitting Brand Blvd., where the Americana would be located.

Needless to say, the Americana got itself built and is now a thriving happy part of the community. And all those concerns about it driving away business? Well, I see a lot of small restaurants, and a few big chain stores opening up across from the Americana, so it’s not all bad.

The idea behind Americana at Brand is just like the Grove. It’s built around a Town Square, with shops and restaurants all around. You can walk around. You can take the built in tram, and go your merry way. On top of that, it forms a synergistic unit with another mall across the way, in this case the Glendale Galleria. (Hey, same thing happened with the Grove and the Farmer’s Market, and that worked beautifully too.) In both cases, can’t find what you want at one? Cross the street and try the other. Wonderful market forces at work.

It’s also got a large open space to hold concerts, which are real popular with the Stroller Brigade. It’s also got a Playground, again…popular with the Stroller brigade. It’s got a Grade-A Multiplex, and its own Apple Store, which is unique in the world as that there’s another store merely 500 feet away in the Galleria. You have a wonderful selection of restaurants to choose from, including Granville, Ahn-Joo, Pho Citi, Trattoria Amici, Pinkberry and last but not least, my favorite In-N-Out Burger. (Don’t sleep on the In-N-Out Burger).


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: I would warn the grown ups of the world there are a lot of goofball kids who hang out here, and that can get annoying. Also, if the Stroller Brigade gets on your nerves, then this might not be the place for you. It’s a lot of families and kids, basically.

Also, in the department of Parking Weirdness…for some reason, one of the upper levels of the Garage has been partially taken over by one of the dealerships on the Brand Blvd. of cars. Go figure.

Finally, this place features the two Apple Stores that are physically closer to each other than any one. One in the Americana Center and one of the first two Apple Stores ever in the Galleria. They sit a whopping five hundred feet apart.

And yes, only I would know this.


PARKING: Americana at Brand has its own pay Garage that’s pretty well organized. It’s designed along the same line as the one at the Grove. You can park for free for an 90 minutes, or more with Validation. If you want to go the extreme cheap route, you can park in the Glendale Galleria, which is always free, and just walk across the street. But it really depends on how long you’re staying and what you need to do. If you’re just jumping into the Apple Store for five minutes (or anything under 90), then it’s probably worth it to go ahead and park in the Americana.


Americana At Brand
889 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210
Phone 818.637.8982