Is It Any Good?

Like everything else in L.A., we’ve gone with the newer, younger model for our shopping destination.

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The temptation is to copy and paste everything from the Americana At Brand page to any entry to the Grove (or vice-versa if you don’t live in the San Fernando Valley). In the end, the two are mirror images. Let’s see. What did I write about Americana at Brand?

The idea behind Americana at Brand The Grove is just like the Grove Americana at Brand. It’s built around a Town Square, with shops and restaurants all around. You can walk around. You can take the built in tram, and go your merry way. On top of that, it forms a synergistic unit with another mall across the way, in this case the Glendale Galleria Farmer’s Market. In both cases, can’t find what you want at one? Cross the street and try the other. Wonderful market forces at work.

Wow. That did work. The fact that the same developer worked on both cases (Rick Caruso) must have something to do with it.

The Spirit of Los Angeles…which means you have arrived at the midway point from your car to the Farmer’s Market.

The main difference is of course, Hollywood. You will see a little less of the Stroller Brigade at The Grove (although their numbers are increasing). You will see a slightly hotter variety of twenty-something female, making they are being seen at the right time by the right people with the right man on their arm. And you will see a few more Tourists.

I mean, damndo you have to take photographs of the damn fountain all the time?

There is a lot of food options here, mostly because of the Farmer’s Market just across the street. The Grove has Morel’s and La Piazza, both conveniently located as to overcome their awesome, awesome mediocrity. They’ll have an Umani Burger soon, as well as Gordon Ramsay’s newest venture. They even have the Whisper Lounge, which I adore. But push on to the Farmer’s Market, and your food options will just multiply.

The good part is you’re outdoors, which can be a good thing if it’s not blazing August hot, or freezing Evening cold (as tends to happen in L.A.). I have to confess, the Grove is a regular destination for Angelenos. Should you go out of your way to get here? Up to you. To me, the Grove is just the Grove. It’s the Farmer’s Market that makes it special.


PARKING: I can probably cut and paste from my Americana At Brand article here too:

Americana at Brand The Grove has its own pay Garage that’s pretty well organized. It’s designed along the same line as the one at the Grove Americana at Brand. You can park for free for 90 minutes, or more with Validation.

Wow, writing this is easier than I thought.


The Grove
The Grove Dr
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