Is It Any Good?

Barbecue…with tablecloths…that’ll do in a pinch.

I’ll be honest, you can do better than Wood Ranch as far as Barbecue goes, and you can do far, far worse. That being said, check out the rating. Wood Ranch is still a nice joint, and it prepares some very nice barbecue.

But several of its locaitons are attached to a lot of major malls (which probably explains its success), so you’re getting that traffic coming in there. Plus, each location has a nice looking bar, with a lot of available Televisions, so you’re getting a lot of Sports Bar traffic in there. So most evenings, the place will be crowded. You got to the Hostess, sign in, get a pager, and wait your turn. Don’t worry you can still get in some shopping or hang at the bar and watch that Angels game you meant to watch.

But when you get in, things get moving. The kitchen is open, so those Barbecue smells waft over you as you try to order. It’s a little noisy, but the food is always good, that’s what counts.

WHAT SHOULD I GET: The Tri-Tip. They work on that all day. They marinate it for 24 hours just for you (and 40,000 of your closest friends). Don’t turn your back on that. It would be rude.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Go in knowing that most nights, it’s going to be crowded and noisy. If its not, good on you. You got lucky.

PARKING: Here’s the good thing about Wood Ranch. Parking is rarely a problem, unless of course, Parking is a problem at the Mall they’re attached to (like say at Christmas). Some of the locations (like Arcadia) have Valet, but nine times out of ten parking is going to be free. Street Parking is next to impossible. (Remember, Malls. How close do you remember any street parking being to any Mall you go to?)

Too many locations to describe, so I hope the map will do. If not, Wood Ranch maintains a pretty good website.

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