Is It Any Good?

I got an Email from a young lady named Nichole, who’s part of a design team at the Hospitality Management Schools (which apparently is a real thing.  Who knew?). In celebration of National Waiter and Waitress day (which apparently was May 21st, and shame on me for missing that), they created an interactive graphic that illustrates how we should tip when responding to hospitality and service. Decent enough idea, even though there are a bunch of Apps that help in that regard (I myself am a fan of Happy-Angry Tip Bill Calculator).

But it was the front part of the graphic that sold me, putting me in the “unabashed fa”n column. It was the opening statement that “Before using our guide, consider: The Federal Minimum Wage for tipped employees is only $2.13 and hour”.

That is very, very important, especially in light of stories like this.

If you go to a restaurant and have a suck-ass time there, get your order wrong, spill a drink on you, seat you next to a Lindsay Lohan, whatever, remember, the man or woman serving you your drinks, getting you your food, doesn’t make a lot of money. $2.13 is not enough to live on, by ANY standard. Waiters and Waitresses are dependent upon your tips for their very day-to-day survival…as in put food on their table at home, pay rent, keep the dang lights on.

So no matter how bad you think the service was, please bear that in mind. Yeah, I get it, I’m sure your pissed and want to express your displeasure…but you don’t want your Food Server to starve either.