I would like to describe a ruined evening, and how the Americana at Brand (along with SBE, parent company of Katsuya) both contributed to it.

I made reservations for 6:45pm on the night of December 29, 2012 for Katsuya in the Americana Center. I arrived 40 minutes early in search of a parking place.

The Americana’s Garage sensors told me there were very few spaces, but there were 45 on the 7th level. Well, that wasn’t the case, as repeated orbits around the level produced no spaces.

Usually, this would not be a big deal. If you come to a mall on a Saturday, you should expect there to be a lot of people. That’s called normal. If I lose out in parking or accommodations to other patrons, that happens. That’s life.

I don’t expect to lose out because the Mall gets greedy.

Unless every single person who parked on the 7th (and apparently 8th) floor of the Americana Center’s garage all decided to purchase vehicles from Toyota of Glendale in the last 90 dayssomething is amiss.

Yes, for some reason…at the height of the holidays…Americana at Brand rented out part of its garage to a local car dealer.

I appreciate the need to raise revenue in these hard economic times, but at some point, your everyday customers have to matter just a little. This was still the tail end of the holidays, and parking at the Americana was at a bit of a premium don’t you think? Those spaces could have been used by people who might actually shop and dine at your tenant’s establishments. Like say, Katsuya.

Still, Katsuya didn’t cover itself in glory either. Needless to say, when it became apparent that I wasn’t going to get a space in the garage, I tried to cancel my reservation over the phone. This is what you’re supposed to do when…you know…you’re raised right. Repeated calls to the restaurant could not connect me to a human. Repeated calls could not even connect me to whatever worthless automated system they had. Even dialing “1” to reach the reservation system did absolutely nothing, the message just played on an on.

At this point I was mad enough that I wanted to cancel my reservation to someone’s face. I don’t know if this is an Americana problem or a Katsuya problem, and I don’t really care. What was a Katsuya problem is that the two Hostesses at Katsuya there did not seem to care all that much that their phones weren’t working, and just seemed to accept it as a matter of course. Just for that, I don’t need to go to Katsuya ever again.

If either of you cannot provide a basic level of service to your customers, then what’s the point of coming to your establishment at all?

I don’t have these problems at the Galleria, then again…maybe they still give half a damn.