I spent the weekend in Seattle to attend the funeral of my Godfather, Chang-Char Tu, who between him and his wife, my Godmother Juliana, are responsible for 95% of my knowledge of Chinese Food, Customs and Culture.  (Tony Bourdain and my pal Jonathan split the remaining 5%).

I went to only a couple of places while I was in Seattle, but enjoyed them all.  I went to Cafe Pho at the Northgate Mall and had their Grilled Pork Banh Mi, which was a very nice lunch.  I went with my Godmother and her Sister-in-Law Beverly to Ivar’s Salmon House, which was fantastic.  Everything is cooked on their Adler Wood Grill.  If you want a restaurant that’ll give you a good taste of the Pacific Northwest (Salmon – Wood grilled Salmon – and more Salmon) all in a beautiful Smoke Lodge like setting. Go here and go here often.  The repast for my Godfather was at China Harbor, a lovely Chinese Seafood Place just off the water and not too far from Ivar’s, where we enjoyed a nine course dinner in tribute to my Godfather.  Sadness aside, these are all places I’d go back to again and again.

The sad business of this visit is over, and now all we must do is carry on with our lives, look out for Juliana and remember my Godfather.  My taste for the good stuff, for exploring (where I can) the new and different, come from him.  So, from here on out, this Blog is dedicated to his memory.  I’ll keep up the mission, Tu, and pass along your love of cuisine to others.