Tyler Cowen of the Atlantic Monthly has done a piece on Dining Out, and it’s worth a lot. The one problem is that it’s really geared for East Coast dining, specifically the cities of New York and Washington D.C. So a few of the rules don’t apply here in Los Angeles. But it’s worth a look.

If the rules in the article seem counterintuitive, it’s because…and this is important…Tyler Cowen is a frickin’ Economist. ┬áHe’s applying the dynamics of market forces into making his decisions, more than he’s relying on his experience with restaurants and whatnot.

The video was okay, though I gotta say, the music was very annoying.

And Eden Center is the same Vietnamese Mall Anthony Bourdain visited during his D.C. show a couple of years ago.

You want the Eden Center stuff, fast forward to 5:22 in the video.