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A chain of Italian Eateries in Pasadena, and other locations.

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We try to emphasize local chains here at Is It Any Good, and Louise’s Trattoria is one of them. Even through there are only six locations, they seem to be everywhere, or at least everywhere relevant.

Now, you’re not going to get the greatest Italian food in the world or even in Los Angeles. To me, going to a Louise’s for Italian is kinda like going to P.F. Chang’s for Chinese food. Yes, what you’re having is the real deal. You will not regret what you have, but truthfully, you could have done a little better. I don’t want to crack on them too hard. We shouldn’t penalize a restaurant for not being another place.

That being said, I’d hit Far Niente, Osteria Mamma, Obika or even the formerly great Amalfi before here.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I’ve had the Pizza’s there, but…well…

Look, just skip ahead to the next section and you’ll understand my hesitancy.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: My last…and let me emphasize again, last visit to Louise’s at the Pico Location, my friends and I ordered a combo pizza with Pepperoni and Italian Sausage. Somehow the Waiter or Waitress (I can’t remember now) accidentally punched in Shrimp instead of Sausage, and the whole Pizza became toxic to me, given my seafood allergy. Not good. The staff at Louise’s was wonderful about it, and they gave us a new Pizza, with the proper ingredients…for free. But that was too close a call for me to take too much joy in. That could’ve been bad.


PARKING: Varies from location to location. The Pico location? You’ll have to park on the street. The Pasadena location? Consult our Pasadena Parking Guide.


Louise’s Trattoria
2-8 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105