Is It Any Good?

Stay with me now…Hot-Dogs, Southern style…and in the Valley!

I have neglected this place far, far too long. As I type this, sometime this week, I am going back.

Otis Jackson’s Soul Dog is an African-American Hot Dog joint, chef owned and operated. It’s a great, and I mean GREAT lunch joint. For about ten bucks, you can get a Dog, Fries and Drink combo, or one of their other Southern Specialties like Fried Chicken.

But you’re here for the dogs. They come with a variety of house-created toppings, like the Jerk-flavored Saur-Kraut, or the spicy sweet potato puree, or my favorite, just a generous helping of Mac and cheese.

The dogs are all hand made, made with organic ingredients and come with artisan buns. For a lunch spot, there is nothing better than this.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Wow. There is a lot to choose from here. All the dogs are fantastic, and I’ve tried them all. My personal favorite is the Mac Daddy Dog, a hot dog covered with Mac and Cheese, Scallions and Fried Onions. But there are Sausages you can get, as well as Fried Chicken and Wings.

And did I mention this place was extremely affordable. This is one of the best value menu’s I’ve ever tried.

UPDATE: Feb. 26, 2012: For a limited time, Otis Jackson’s had on special a Short Rib dog.  Now, this was messy, this was delicious, and this was the best thing I’ve had there…period. Even better than the vaunted Mac Daddy Dog.  The rib meat alone was worth the price of admission (which is free, don’t fool yourself), but what made it really, really, really fantastic was the Horseradish Sauce, prepared in a way that Native Marylanders and Baltimoreans know as Tiger Sauce.

So now, not only do I get a great Southern Style dog, I get a taste of home.  Sweet!


PARKING: Your only choice is to use the meters along Lankershim Blvd. Back a block and a half away from the front door you’ll find plenty of spaces, even at Lunch Time. They even have the nice, new modern meters where you can use your Credit Cards.


Otis Jackson’s Soul Dog
5166 Lankershim Blvd.
N. Hollywood, CA
Mon.-Thur. 11am – 9pm
Fri.-Sat. 11am – 9pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm