Is It Any Good?

First-class Bar in West Hollywood with Bartenders who know their stuff.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, I’ll tell ya. It sits right across from EATZ LA. And from the street, it’s just a door. Worse, it looks like a door leading into some trendoid hipster club that doesn’t want you inside with the cool kids.

But step inside and you will be immersed in a sea of ease and elegance. Yeah, you’re coming to the Tar Pit to drink, but not get drunk. This is a place to actually enjoy what you’re drinking, enjoy the feeling of it, the taste of it. This is a place to have a conversation with the Bartender, see what’s new out there, try something different.

And if you get hungry, they have a wonderful looking selection of flatbreads available. Now, I didn’t try any of them. The night I first went into the Tar Pit was the night I first went to Picca. I was full, but I saw that menu, and I was reeaaallly tempted.

Ooooh, still thinking about that Pork, Garlic Sausage, Salami and Feta flatbread…



WHAT SHOULD I HAVE?: Normally, this would just be an excuse to link to the Tar Pit’s Menu website, but guess what? The Menu changes all the time, so I can’t tell you what to have. (Plus, the last time I was here, I just had a glass of wine, so…)

But that Duck Confit looks good…

UPDATE: March 7, 2012: Looks like as of last Saturday, the Tar Pit is closed, at least temporarily. I hear tell of a problem with the lease, so they’re looking to move to a new space.


PARKING: It’s just like parking at EATZ, so allow me to quote…myself from that posting.

Basically, you’ll be parking on La Brea. As I recall the adjoining side streets require permits, so consider those no-go areas. Literally, La Brea is vacant at 6:59, when the meters are in effect. At 7:00 and 1 second, every good parking space for three blocks near the Class will be taken up. You’ll be amazed. Stick to La Brea. Be prepared to huff it a few blocks, but you’ll be fine.


The Tar Pit
609 North La Brea Ave.
Los Angeles, California

Tel: (323) 965-1300