Los Angeles is a city gets a lot of people who are more interested in the bad stuff that happens, as opposed to the good.

Let’s face facts, most tragedy in Los Angeles involves some manner of celebrity. It’s probably going to be embarrassing (thus allowing us to feel better about ourselves). It’s probably going to involve one of the “beautiful people” (again, allowing us to feel better about ourselves). And best of all, it’s not going to affect our lives in any meaningful way (thus guilt factor, zero).

I’m not trying to pass judgment on it. I’m just trying to say I get it. I get the reason why there’s such a thing as the Dearly Departed Tour. I get the reason the Cemeteries draw just as many curious onlookers as anything. I don’t do any of these things myself, but I get it, and feel the need to prepare when friends in town ask me about this stuff. (And they always ask about this stuff.)

It’s also the reason why sites like the “Celebrity Death Sites” exist.