Is It Any Good?

The kind of Tea Shop of the kind you might find in Beijing…only Americanized.

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One of a small chain of Tea shops in Southern California. What’s nice about Bird and Pick, as opposed to its chief suburban competitor, Tevana, is that it shows you the Tea. Now, both places are pretty good, and you can buy the kind of tea you want and either chain, but Bird and Pick lets you see what it is you’re buying. It has the feel of a Chinese Tea Shop you’d find on the mainland.

Bird & Pick also has a nice Tea Bar where you can stop in for a hot tea on cold days, or an iced tea on hot days. It’s also great for gifts, as it has just an explosion of Tea related implements and equipment.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: A nice Tea fusion at one of their Teabars will do ya, hot or cold. I’d tell you more about them, but…they don’t exactly have that info on their website.


PARKING: Consult the Pasadena Parking Guide, but Bird & Pick is right across the street from the Park and Walk Structure on Delacey, right by Fraser Alley. Same rules as the Schoolhouse. You can park for 90 Minutes for free. Just enough time to get your tea and go.

Also, the Structure on Delacey is deceptively large. Don’t go up. There aren’t a lot of spaces up. There are tons of spaces down.


Bird & Pick (Pasadena)
10 South De Lacey
Pasadena, CA

Tel: (626) 773-4372

Monday-Thursday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday & Saturday: 10:30 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm