Is It Any Good?

The preeminent Korean Barbecue Restaurant in L.A.

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I always get nervous about Restaurants that have…you know…television commercials (especially in English).  But I’m willing to make an exception in this case…

Okay…is it just me…or are all the patrons at that table, not exactly Korean?

Just me?  Okay.

What can I say, despite the Ad (which I saw playing at the Grove’s Multiplex) it’s still a fantastic restaurant. When my Dad comes to town, its not a matter if we’re going…but how many times.

You sit at your table, with the gas-powered grill embedded right in the table. After you order, the Banchan start arriving. What are Banchan? Basically, they’re small dishes of wonderful Korean condiments, such as Kimchi (spicy fermented cabbage) or Kongnamul, (cold bean sprouts in Sesame oil). While they’re almost a meal in itself, they are just the opening act for the main course. The waitresses will appear at your table with your marinated entrees. They’ll light the flame, and spread a little butter on the grill, and then step out of the way to let you get started. If you’re worried, don’t be, they will helpfully stop by every once in a while to make sure you don’t burn down the joint.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: At least try the Bulgogi, which is the staple of Korean BBQ. It’s tender strips of beef marinated in sugar and Soy Sauce. You can try the Chicken Bulgogi, but I don’t think it comes out all that well on the grill. The short ribs are also excellent, and yet another staple of Korean BBQ dining. The only other thing I should mention is the Black Tiger Shrimp. I would also recommend Hite, the Korean Beer. Imagine an American Pilsner with just a touch of sweetness.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Rice does not, repeat, does not automatically come with your order.  No biggie, but if you want it, remember you have to ask your for it.


PARKING: Easy enough. Chosun has its own lot, but it’s powered by Valets. You’ll probably have to crowbar four or five bucks (including tip) out of your wallet, but it’s worth it. Street parking is readily available, but will involve having to cross an incredibly busy section of Olympic Blvd.


ChoSun Galbee
3330 W. Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90019

Tel: (323) 734-3330

Daily: 11:00am – 11:00pm