Is It Any Good?

The place to eat if you’re at the Los Angeles County of Museum of Art.

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I could wax on and on about Ray’s “Mediterranean-inspired menu” and their “emphasis on farm-to-table”, and what a talent executive chef Kris Morningstar is, but dude…you’re at a museum. You’re sitting outside, having a glass of wine…at the museum!

You’ve taken the thousand mile trek up into the heart of the Hammer Building to look for the few Impressionists LACMA has on loan, only to discover that they’re not in the Hammer Building, but in the Ahmanson across the way. So you trudge down, and wander your way through that maze of corridors and hallways, looking for the French Impressionists, and getting trapped in a room with a bunch of Greek Pottery, which is all very nice, but not what you’re looking for. After a half-hour, and asking the Guard where to go, you find them, and discover just how few impressionists they have. You’re really really tired, and really really sore from all the walking, and instead you see Ray’s, and for once there’s actually a table. You sit down, and fifteen minutes later, you’re having a Hanger Steak…at the damn museum, and life suddenly…and definitelydoes not suck.

Your glass of wine is waiting here for you.

Good place. Good spot. Good place to go after you wander the exhibits. Hell, it’s worth to LACMA’s just to go to Ray’s.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I did mention the Hanger Steak right? That and a glass of wine will put you in the right mood. Friends have also partook of the Sausage Pizza, which was damned nice.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: All I can say is Ray and Stark’s is popular, and small. Never a good combination if you’re hungry. (There’s always those Food Trucks outside). If you see a table, grab it. You can reserve a table at their website, but I would also try asking the Hostess if its possible to reserve a table for a certain time before you into the Museum; then just wander back when you’re ready.


Ray’s and Stark Bar
5905 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tel: (323) 857-6180

Daily (except Wednesdays): 11:00 am – 11:00 pm