Is It Any Good?

Chicago style brats, dogs and Pizza…all the heart of Burbank.

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Chicagoans have their own unique food culture, and transplants here in L.A. got to get their grub on too. Of course of lot that food culture is going to bring out early onset of Heart Disease, but still…the food’s good.

Which brings us to the very appropriately named Taste Chicago in Burbank. Those expecting the fineries and amenities of high, first class dining, evidentially have never been to Chicago.

Now that you mention it, I haven’t been either.

I was only in Chicago long enough for Mom and Dad to get the news they were pregnant.  After that, they jetted off to Washington D.C. for the remainder of their lives together. So it’s not like I can claim any ownership to Chicago Food culture…

…but I do love it so.  I love Chicago style dogs.  I love Brats…and I love Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.  It is one area in which Mr. Bourdain and I…disagree:

Chicago’s DNA (like Baltimore’s) is pure working class. While you’ve got your fancy tablecloth and Matrie D’ places out there, they’re not the beloved institutions. In Chicago, no one gives you the stink eye as you walk in the door. Seeing you come in the door means a slap on the back, and a “Grab a chair”…

…after you order, of course.

And what to order. There ain’t nothing slimming about Chicago fare, it’s Brats, Beer and Pizza, Chicago Deep Dish with what seemed like a waterfall of melted cheese. How about Grilled Onions piled high on a poppy seed bun, with a brat and yellow mustard down the middle. I’m sure Taste Chicago has some kind of green vegetables should you ask for them. I personally spotted some relish in a dispensary somewhere.

The atmosphere is pure Sports Bar. On the walls are emblems of Chicago’s Sports History, including it seems both White Sox and Cubs jerseys.


In Chicago you’d have to pick a side, but here in L.A., I guess there are too few Chicagoans to split the community like that.

Taste Chicago doesn’t exactly scream “date night”, but who cares? Either your date will love you unconditionally after watching you down the Chicago Deep Dish with healthy chunks of tomato on it, or it wasn’t meant to be.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: This is a tough one, because you should get the Chicago Deep Dish with any of the topping they offer is a must have. Then again, so is the Chicago Dog, which is what I came for before switching to the Maxwell Street (the Grilled Onion number I told you about), which is also a must have.

Gotta pick somethin’ because you only got room for one.


PARKING: Tough sledding. Taste Chicago has its own tiny parking lot, but you can imagine it filling up fast. I found a space at the very end of the lot by the skin of my teeth. Push come to shove, you can part across the street at the Plaza, but I’m not sure how the Plaza will take it. Then you’ve got to cross Verdugo to get to you food.


Taste Chicago
603 N Hollywood Way
Burbank CA 91505

Tel: (818) 563-2800

Sunday-Thursday: 11:00 am – 8:45 pm
Friday-Saturday: 11:00 am – 11:45 pm