Is It Any Good?

A Science museum in Exposition Park, near Downtown L.A.

The California Science Center isn’t one of the more challenging Science Musuems I’ve ever been into. That distinction still belongs to the Ontario Science Center, or the smaller Maryland Science Center. What do I mean by that? There weren’t many exhibits that taught me anything I didn’t already know. Not that I’m a Scientific Genius, it’s just that the California Science Center’s exhibits are geared for kids.

The good news is that the place is free, big change from when I first went there. Now that only applies to the Center’s permanent exhibits. The visiting or rotating exhibits, the IMAX Theater (aka the reason you’ll come a second time) that’ll cost you.

Also, to quote the website:

There is a separate charge for Science Center attractions including: the Ecology Cliff Climb, High Wire Bicycle and the Motion-Based Simulator.

And now there is separate charge to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

The Science Center doesn’t look like it’s doing all that well.  There aren’t as many exhibits as I remember from the time it opened.  It seems that the on-site McDonalds, and of course the Souvenir-slash-Toy store take up more room than anything actually scientific.  Part of me suspects they’re waiting for the main Endeavor Display to be set up before working hard on the Center itself.


PARKING: This will be the most expensive part of your trip, but at least it’s easy. Exhibition Park has a Parking Structure hugged up right against the California Science Center. It costs ten bucks to get in.  If it’s full, there is a second lot on the other side of the Park, near the Natural History Museum.  It’s the same price.  It’s also a touch further away from the museum, but they’ll have spots.

You can try parking on the street, but…why? The neighborhood around Exhibition Park isn’t particularly dangerous, but you may not feel 100% safe leaving your car on the street, given the traffic and the who-knows-what parking regulations around there. Just pay the ten bucks and be done with it.


California Science Center
700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Phone: (323) SCIENCE aka (323) 724-3623