Is It Any Good?

A nice little Cooking School in West Hollywood, except you know…fun.

This isn’t a restaurant per se, but for our purposes it may as well be.

Here’s the deal, for a hundred and eighty dollars (ninety per person), you and a date, can go into West Hollywood and learn to cook yourself a four-course meal of varying types. (Myself, I went for the French class).

Now, there are probably…how should I put this…more high flauntin’ cooking schools out there, and certainly more expensive ones, but I guarantee you won’t have any more fun doing it than you will at EATZ. The ladies who run the establishment believe in wine, and in pouring lots of it. This is something that more schools should look into doing, and not just the Cooking Schools..

While you’re there, you’ll learn basic techniques (like knife handling, which is very, very important), as well as other tips that’ll help you in the kitchen in the future.  You’ll make new friends and best of all, you’ll have a square meal at the end of it to show for your efforts.

And yes, it’s right across the street from (what was) the Tar Pit. Added bonus.


WHAT SHOULD I GET: That’s really not an option, as you’re going to be eating what you cook, and that depends on what class you choose, so choose carefully my young Apprentice.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: Be mindful of the fact that you will be cooking something.  This isn’t an occasion for anything fancy.  Get comfortable, and dress accordingly.


PARKING: Parking…it’s always the parking, isn’t it?

Look, even their own website tells you like it is: “Please arrive a few minutes early to find parking as classes begin promptly at 7 pm.”

Basically, you’ll be parking on La Brea. As I recall the adjoining side streets require permits, so consider those no-go areas. Literally, La Brea is vacant at 6:59, when the meters are in effect. At 7:00 and 1 second, every good parking space for three blocks near the Class will be taken up. You’ll be amazed. Stick to La Brea. Be prepared to huff it a few blocks, but you’ll be fine.


612 N. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Tel: (310) 824-3586

No hours listed.  Depends on the class, and how long it lasts.