Is It Any Good?

My favorite Wine Store/Tasting place in Hollywood.

I miss the Heritage Wine Store. It was nice. It in Pasadena (thus, close by). It had a mission: Bottles for $30 bucks or less. But apparently, they lost their Wine Buyer. The rep went to seed, and eventually it folded. The space is apparently about to turn into something else.

So, I was finally introduced to K&L Wine Merchants in Hollywood, and Heritage’s space in my heart has been filled. It’s a little further away, but the space is bigger. It serves all manner of bottles, from the inexpensive to the SUPER expensive. The staff on all levels is knowledgeable and friendly. Hell, I’d have a glass of wine with them.  Hell, I’ve had a glass of wine with them, at one of their many tastings, held just about weekly. And after sopping up all that wine, you can amble up or down the block (barely a block in either direction), and hit places like Go Burger, Magnolia, Los Balcones del Peru, Off Vine, and Umami Burger.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: Well, no food here, but definitely have the wine. And the wines that were micro-reviewed on this site, they were all purchased at K&L.


PARKING: K&L shares a lot with the FedEx Kinko’s right across from it, so there are technically like 7-8 spaces available at any given time. It’s also directly attached to a Lot which holds more, but is attended (which means you’ll have to pay there). The good news is that the Attendant leaves t 7pm, meaning the whole lot becomes free.


K&L Wine Merchants
1400 Vine Street (C’mon…how can anyone NOT get that joke?)
Hollywood, CA, 90028
(323) 464-WINE (9463)
(323) 836-0853 (Fax)

Store Hours:
M-F: 10-8pm
Sat: 10-8pm
Sun: 11-6pm