Is It Any Good?

In case the Arclight isn’t enough for you, you can always go to the Landmark on the Westside.

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This a Multiplex opened up by Mark Cuban’s company a couple years back, and it tries to outdo the Arclight. For the most part, it succeeds.

It was meant first and foremost as a Date Place more than just a first class multiplex for Movie lovers. Instead of a bar, you have a Wine Bar, which is far larger than anything the Arclight has, and just way nicer across the board. Second, they have two “Living Room” theaters, where there are a actual couches and love seats for you to watch you movie in. They don’t play the big blockbusters in ‘em, and tickets can sell out fast, because they only hold 20 people or so, but it’s a damn good treat.

That being said, you will be paying just a little bit more for your Landmark Experience. Also, there is only one location in the greater Los Angeles area, and if you live where I live, it is a damn hike to get there. But once you get there, it is utterly worth it.


WHAT SHOULD I [DO]?: Since you’re not really going to the Landmark exclusively for grub, let me suggest instead what you should do. (Mind you, the Landmark does not have  a restaurant like the Arclight does).  You should go to a movie in one of their living rooms, which are filled with Couches and easy chairs to kick back and watch the movie. Beforehand, definitely go for a glass of wine at the Landmark’s Wine Bar.

As far as food goes, after the show, you can hit Gyu-Kaku just across the street, or the Westside Tavern, or my personal favorite, La Serenata.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: The Landmark is basically an Art House Theater, so you’re not always going to see the top of the line blockbusters there. Occasionally, yes. I did see the Dark Knight there for the first time. So just to let you know, odds are that the Living Room, as great as the experience is, won’t have the First Week Blockbuster most of y’all are looking for.


PARKING: Fantastic. They have their own multi-level garage underneath the Theater. It is free of charge, but fills up incredibly fast. Failing to find something in there, consider parking in the Lot for the just-across-the-street Westside Pavillion, or in its Garage. (Some of the parking is on the Westide Pavillion roof, and you might actually hear cars parking overhead as you watch your movie).

Now it may be hard to make it back through the Mall after your show depending on when it is, but it is your best backup.


The Landmark
10850 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
Showtimes: (310) 281-8233
Information: (310) 470-0492