Is It Any Good?

A “city within a city” if you can believe that…

The idea was to create…and I’m not kidding you here…a “city within the city”.

Well, that didn’t work. But what Universal did do was create was a mall, a mall with a bunch of expensive stores that were great to browse in, but no one wanted to buy anything from.  To top it off, they added a very…average Cineplex that grew more and more expensive over time.

Well some things have changed…for the most part.  They’ve put in some more…well, accessible stores, though the “Flip Flop Shop” and the “Los Angeles Sock Market” make me wonder.

CityWalk is an okay place to go, but you have to go out of your way to get there. Utlimately, it’s the small mortgage you’ll have to take our to part there that will ruin the experience for you.

PARKING: This is the trick, and this is what makes coming here not worth it.

First off General Parking:

General Parking Rates are based on time of entry and are as follows:

Park Opening – 3:00 pm $15.00
3:00 pm – Park Closing $10.00

On these event nights, the $8.00 AMC Cinema parking rebate will be valid.

Got that? You go to an evening movie, and you’ll be shelling out $10.00, but getting $8.00 of it back only if you go to a movie.

The heart of Citywalk, where if you’re not careful, you’ll either get very very wet, or get very very broke.

And did I mention you’ll need a sherpa and a guide to find your way over to the City Walk itself? I’m not kidding. And you won’t necessarily get a sniff of that massive Parking structure that you see driving up the hill into the complex. (Sometimes I think Universal’s ditched their whole Business Model of making Films and Television and is going with parking to cover their bottom line.)

So, what if you want to park closer? You want into that lovely garage? Well then, you gotta go with Preferred Parking.

Preferred Parking is a parking option offered to guests who want a faster, personal, convenient and guaranteed way to a parking space on our facility. Preferred parking is located in the Woody Woodpecker Lot and is one of the closest parking lots to Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park and the Gibson Amphitheatre. Jurassic Parking, Level 1 is Preferred Parking and reserved for CityWalk Guests. No overnight parking.

Preferred Parking price is $20.00 per vehicle.

Do I really gotta go into Valet Parking, or have I scared you enough already?

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: It’s pretty simple. There are better Theaters to go see a movie at,closer by, that are cheaper to park, closer to better eats. The important safety tip is to move on.

Universal Citywalk
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, California
(818) 622-4445