Is It Any Good?

The granddady of all the studio tours in Universal City.

Okay, as much as I bust on Universal City Walk as an overpriced monstrosity, the actual Universal Studios tour is actually worth it.

Most of the Studios offer some kind of tour of their facilities, but Universal was the first to come up with the idea. Since then, they’ve added a lot of ammenities to give you a full on Movie-making experience.

Features of the tour include King Kong, and Earthquake Simulator, and the possiblity of seeing the set where they shot Spartacus. Of course, Universal is a working studio, and the tour’s course changes depending on what’s shooting where. So just know going in you may not see everything.

The set of 1962’s “Spartacus”

Yeah, it’s kinda expensive, but it’s theme park expensive. It’s comparable in price to places like Six Flags and Disneyland only there’s not quite as much in the way of rides. Terminator 2 3D, starring our actual former Governor and directed by James Cameron, is still there. But classics like The Back to the Future Ride? Gone, replaced by I think the Transformers Ride, or Simpsons Ride, or somethin-somethin. The Miami Vice Stunt Action Spectacular has been replaced by the Waterworld Stunt Action Spectacular. Consult the website for what’s playing, what’s running, and most importantly, no matter what you choose, prepare to wait in line.

PARKING: This is pretty much going to be the same thing I wrote for the Citywalk post.

Let us review:

General Parking Rates are based on time of entry and are as follows:

Park Opening – 3:00 pm $15.00
3:00 pm – Park Closing $10.00

Once again, you’ll need a sherpa and a guide to find your way over to Studios Tour, and you won’t necessarily get a sniff of that massive Parking structure that you see driving up the hill into the complex.

So, what if you want to park closer? You want into that lovely garage? Well then, you gotta go with Preferred Parking.

Preferred Parking is a parking option offered to guests who want a faster, personal, convenient and guaranteed way to a parking space on our facility. Preferred parking is located in the Woody Woodpecker Lot and is one of the closest parking lots to Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park and the Gibson Amphitheatre. Jurassic Parking, Level 1 is Preferred Parking and reserved for CityWalk Guests. No overnight parking.

Preferred Parking price is $20.00 per vehicle.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: The Front of the Line Pass or VIP Experience Ticket Packages, while priced at a level that’ll make you consider taking out a second mortgage, are actually worth it, particularly on crowded days.

Universal Studios Tour
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608