Is It Any Good?

Another place where the rich meet to shop and eat, this time in Century City.

The fascination the world has with our rich and famous eludes me.

It always has, but now that I’ve lived here for a few years, it really escapes me.

Still, if there’s two things I’ve noticed about visitors to Los Angeles, they seem obsessed with our tragedies (and there are many), and they come here to try out living like the Rich and the Famous.

Not that Bragelina’s paycheck is coming your way anytime soon, but still people really want to shop like them, or rather, shop like you imagine they would. Century City Mall is one of the places you can do in.

Century City is actually a business district, with the one major studio here being (duh!) 20th Century Fox. You’re also a stone’s throw from Beverly Hills, so coming here you will see a lot of rich and beautiful people, along with the assorted riff-raff. (Count me among the riff-raff). There are a lot of high-end stores for you do ruin your credit rating in, and you’ll feel like a big shot doing it…I guess. I mean, if that’s how you really want to spend your time.

Still, the one thing I’d warn you about is…if you can buy it here, odds are, you can buy it somewhere else in Los Angeles, for significantly less. All I’d ask, is that you’d plan your shopping out carefully. This is definitely a place to use your Amazon Price Checker app, no matter how cute or charming the Sales Clerk might be.


PARKING: Century City has a massive, two level Parking Structure directly underneath the mall, so parking is theoretically a breeze. Basically, find a spot. Find an escalator, and magically lift up to one of the many Garage Entrance scattered throughout the mall.

Century City’s Parking Garage has two drawbacks, both equally massive.

One, the Garage is always massively crowded. Always. Be prepared to cruise around for 10-20 minutes or to find a spot. The Garage has a system to assist you in the finding of spaces. There are automated signs guiding you in the direction of open spaces. Every spot has a light above it marking it: red for occupied, green for open and blue for handicapped. This would be a great system if it actually…you know…worked. Too many times are very occupied parking spaces lit up with the green light, making the automated signs that point you in the direction of open spaces somewhat suspect.

Two, the Garage is massively expensive. As in hitting you two bucks every fifteen minutes expensive.

Self-Parking Rates:
0 to 3 hours: Free
3 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes: $7.00
Each additional 15 minutes: $2.00
5 hours or less with AMC Validation: $3.00
Daily maximum: $21.00


Customers who spend $250 or more the same day of their visit may visit the Westfield Concierge during their business hours and receive all-day parking validation. Customers must present same-day receipts. One validation per customer.

So whatever you do, get that validation.

Truthfully, this is a good mall with good food and good (but expensive shops). Despite what I wrote, I was prepared to give it four stars. The parking alone cost it a star.


Westfield Century City Mall
10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: (310) 277-3898