Is It Any Good?

A good place to try out Yoga for the first time in Burbank…

It is said that Angelenos are either going to work out, coming back from working out, or going out (in which case, you needed to have worked out in order to look good). I have my doubts as to how true this is, because, after all, Angelenos also have to work in order to afford things like Gym Memberships and nights on the town.

If you want to try out the California Healthy Lifestyle while you’re in town, few places are better than Yoga Blend in Burbank. Now, there’s nothing extraordinary about the Yoga being practiced here…and that’s a good thing. Nothing strange, nothing exotic, and certainly nothing like Bikram Yoga.

Let me say up front, Yoga Blend does not do Birkram Yoga, where they super-heat the room to match your body temperature.  A certified Yoga Instructor I know — trained in India, mind you — tells me the practise is kinda bull@#$%.  Yet somehow it is all the rage out here.  If you want to try Bikram, go elsewhere.

But if you want a simple good bit of stretchy exercise that’ll get you through your week, Yoga Blend is your place. Now, it is said that the more you practicse Yoga, the stronger and more flexible you’ll feel. That is true. It’ll also affect things like your circulation and your digestion for the better.

But as a visitor into town, what makes Yoga Blend a killer place to go and try Yoga out, is the fact that for $40 bucks, you can attend classes there for two weeks without limit. It used to be $20. They used to lend you mats for free, but hey, Yoga Instructors have got to eat. The Classes range from Level 2 (their highest), Level 1, Gentle (which is how I roll), and Restorative. There are also classes that put a little more dance and movement if that’s your pleasure.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: The point of any Yoga Class is to stretch out your muscles and use your body’s own weight as a source of exercise. They put you into a pose and have you hold it for a particular length if time. So, just so you know, even though the Gentle class is “gentle” by definition, it just means that you’re going to do easier poses…for longer counts.

Also, bear in mind, the $40 unlimited visit thing…will work only once.  It’s a teaser rate.  After that, you’ll be subject to normal class costs.


PARKING: There is a lot, if you want to call it that. It has exactly five spaces, and two of those are blocked by an inconveniently placed Telephone pole. You can get around it, but you better have a small car, and not an SUV. There is plenty of free Street Parking on Magnolia, so that’s your best bet. At worst, you’ll have to walk a block to the entrance.


Yoga Blend
1921 West Magnolia Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 954-9642

Mon 9am–9pm
Tue-Thu 6:30am–9pm
Wed 6:30am–9:30pm
Fri 6:30am–8pm
Sat 8am–5:30pm
Sun 9am–7:30pm