Time for a little tough love for our favorite Cuban Sandwich shop.

Your Burbank location, sucks.

I wish I could be more gentle about it, but it’s true. It is a terrible restaurant at a terrible location.

When I say terrible restaurant, I ain’t talking about the food. The food being produced at Porto’s Burbank is great stuff…when you can get it. There isn’t even much of a problem with the service…when you can get to it.

The problem boils down to: Parking, Long Lines, and Location.

The long lines I can’t say much about. Porto’s has a fantastic reputation, good food at good prices. You can’t penalize a place for success.

The parking situation at the Burbank location isn’t just bad, it’s avoid at all costs bad. It is 3-5 Parking Lots scattered over two blocks that are impossible to get into without going down precise streets at precise times. If you want to go in, you have to park two blocks away and walk in.

Porto’s have staff outside trying to help, but…it really isn’t working. They can only guide you out on most days. But heck, you work with what you got, right?

What it boils down to is (and this is the one area that was Porto’s control, and thus is Porto’s fault) it’s a crappy location. Porto’s management picked a terrible location for this restaurant. TERRIBLE.

And worse, the restaurant they put there is possibly the smallest of their three locations (and this is without seeing the Downey Location).

Porto’s Burbank is too small a restaurant for the amount of business they get. Lines are out the door to get a sandwich. There isn’t enough seating to accommodate more than 12 parties. The Glendale location is always crowded but looks to have 2-3 times the seating.

Granted, the Burbank location may be bleeding off enough business to help the Glendale locations stay marginally sane.  I’m not advocating Porto’s get out of Burbank, I’m advocating they find a bigger space with more accessible parking.

Porto’s Burbank is too, too small. I am never, EVER going there again. I went there at 10:30am on a Wednesday morning, and it was as bad in there as any lunch rush at any time.

Here’s how small it is. If I’m in Burbank, with Porto’s Burbank only a mile away…I’m driving to Glendale. And Porto’s best pray I don’t find a better deal between here and there.