Just a few more observations that’ll help your visit to the 626 Night Market go a lot smoother.

They will be added to the main piece.

Beware of the Gawkers. They are unavoidable.

There is nothing more fustrating than knowing where you want to go, and being surrounded by a bunch of newbies (at least newbies to the 626 Night Market) who don’t. It’s like they have a magical ability to sense your need, and then do everything in their power to thwart you efforts.

This is particualry annoying if you’re on a mission for Taiwanese Sausage and…well, never mind.

This is not something our friends at the Night Market can fix, nor something Human Evolution can take care of either. Allz you can do is keep a weather eye out for people who will be walking in front of you one second, and coming to a dead stop the next. Try to stay patient.

Lord knows I did. (Grumble, grumble)…


Not everyone will show up for all six days of 626 Night Market actitives.

This comes with both good news and bad news. On the hand, the Stinky Tofu people were not there, which can be considered a good thing if you’re not into that sort of thing. On the other hand, my Taiwanese Sausage Guy was not there, which was definitely not a good thing.

Where...O where...where you my lovelies?

Where…O where…where you my lovelies?

This just goes to show you that in your travels through the Night Market, you just might want to jump on that delicious thing that’s standing there in front of you, because you never know when you’ll see it again.


If you go looking for ATMs inside the Santa Anita Main Building, you may will be disappointed.

You would think that in an establishment that handles as much betting money as the Santa Anita Race Track, there’d be a welcome supply of ATM Machines ready to hand out much needed betting cash on a moment by moment basis, but you’d be wrong. The only thing I saw in there was a Lotto Ticket dispensing machine, and that ain’t gonna help if you suddenly have a hankering for Chinese or Japanese Pancakes, and only a few pennies in your pocket.

This just goes to show: plan ahead. And thus…


Realistically, the average probably can eat no more than $40-60 bucks worth of food, unless you are Nate’s Hot Dog on the Fourth of July Level Championship Eater.  If you bringing a date, count on $100-120 bucks.

Now, all those preliminary calculations are for food, and food alone. If you start drinking Beers (and I’m the kind of guy who likes Beer with his Taiwanese Sausage), those are going to run you $6.75 a shot. They’ll be good. They’ll be cold, and you can walk around with that sucker in your hand. The only bad things? One, that means $6.75 less for food, and two, they’re not Tsingtaos. But hey, what can do you do?


I don’t know why I didn’t pick up on this earlier, the beige colored tents are for Food, and the red colored tents are for selling stuff.

This can make your dining experience so much easier, as I do not come to the Night Market for anything resembling T-Shirts or Swag, though both are in easy supply. You look at the roof of an establishment, and if they’re Beige, and if you wanna eat or drink, that’s where you wanna be.

This, however is not an ironclad rule by any stretch. The Food Truck, and any establishment that comes with its own decoration may not have a beige tent attached to it. The Kogi BBQ Roja Truck was there, and they didn’t need no stinkin’ beige tent to draw a crowd. Starry Kitchen (hey guys!) had their own thing going, as did ye olde Stinky Tofu Truck when they were here.

Also, there was one establishment selling what looked to be Scented Oils under a Beige Tent in Section D. That threw me. Must’ve been a mistake in Administration.

For the most part this tip works. 80% of the time it works 100% of the time.