Medium Rare Rule, The (applies in California only)

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I don’t know how to tell you this, but California Restaurants (for the most part) have no clue what the hell Medium Rare means.

Medium Rare traditionally means cooked with a little pink in the middle.

You grow up on the East Coast, and no matter where you go, or what kind of beef you order, if you order something Medium Rare, you’re getting something back with a little pink in the middle.

California? Not so much.

The first few times I ordered Medium Rare here on Left Coast, it came back to me cooked all the way through, zero pink. That is what is known as well-done, which is fine…just not what I ordered.

Weirder still, people in California will order something Medium Rare, get it done Medium Rare (with the pink in the middle) and send it back.

So when ordering Beef in Southern California, just take a moment to make sure you and your Waiter/Waitress are on the same page.