Is It Any Good’s been hanging out a lot in Little Tokyo recently.  You already know about the Japanese American National Museum and Far Bar, but we will be running a review of the Marvels and Monster’s exhibit later today, as well as reviews of The Lazy Ox and The Flying Pig, both of which we really, really liked.

We’ve been down there enough to want a Little Tokyo Parking Map to help us find places to Park, and we found one…kinda.

It’s from the Little Tokyo Community Council.  It’s just a well marked Google Map, but’s pretty damn useful.  Usually, we just find a graphic JPG of a local map, and post it under our Maps pull down so you have a handy place to consult various parking areas.

Still, this ain’t nothing.  This is a damn useful map.  So, we’re posting an embed of that it, as well as a link so you can find it again.

View Little Tokyo Parking Map in a larger map