Flipping through my copy of the Los Angeles Magazine (dutiful subscriber since March 18, 2013!), I saw an event at the Whimsic Alley Store, a Doctor Who Costume Ball. Whimsic Alley is on Wilshire Blvd., not too far from LACMA.

This should be right up Los Angeles’s alley. Big time T.V. Show (though a big-time English T.V. Show) that’s celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary this year. What could be better than a bunch of Whovians all dressed up as Daleks and Weeping Angels?


It’s a…show thing. You’ll just have to trust me.

This is the kind of weird, yet wonderful thing Southern California specializes in.

Only thing is, the Los Angeles Magazine neglected to mention a few things:

One, it’s Adults Only. So much for inviting my Godson, who’s way into the Doctor. (Though there is a Family Party the next day that I probably could bring him to.)

Two, it’s $98 bucks. That’s uhh…little steep.  (The Family Party is $50 bucks.)

Anyway, it’s still going on. It’ll be April 13, 2013 and it’s on our Calendar.

UPDATE: 1:40pm Pacific:  Bernard from Whimsic Alley alerts me to some good news.  Tickets to the Contest Ball are being offered at Goldstar.com at half price.  You’ll have to sign up at Goldstar (which is free), but the tickets are indeed down to $49.00.

Bad news though, the Family Doctor Who Party that was supposed to be the next day has been cancelled.  Still the main thing is going on.  So head on down and get your Ice Warrior on…

Yes, that was another show reference…but at least if you watch next week’s Episode, you’ll be able to understand it.