Yes! Something for Anime Nerds to do on the 4th that has nothing to do with Barbecue or Fireworks. Instead you can let your [INSERT ANIME CHARACTER NAME HERE] flag out.

Cosplayers, Manga geeks, and folks with a hankerin’ for all things Japanese Pop Culutre will be gathering at the Los Angeles Convention Center this coming weekend.

Let me first warn you, I personally think the Anime Expo Website is terrible. The task of finding out basic information (like Ticket Prices) is made more difficult by the way the Website’s design. For example, if you click “Buy Tickets” thinking you’ll at least see a list of how much it costs to get in, you’ll instead get a Calendar of events. Useful, but not what you were looking for.

And if you click “Registration” thinking you might find out information about how to have a stand or a shop at the Expo, you’ll get the Ticket prices I was originally looking for.


4-Day Attendee: $70
4-Day Child (Ages 6 ~ 12): $25
2-Day Attendee: $60
1-Day Attendee: $40
Exhibit Hall Only: $20

The elite level “Premier Fan” Tickets are sold out.

The Website does have pretty good links to local Hotels, but those are only for the places Downtown. If you want to attend from out of town, there are still plenty of rooms a little further out.


PARKING: The one thing I’d say is pay attention to whereever a Show like this is held, in what hall of the L.A. Convention Center, and pay the $12 to park there. It’s just easier. We have provided a L.A. Live Parking Map, but…trust me, stick to the Convention Center.


Anime Expo (at the Los Angeles Convention Center)
1201 S Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015