Is It Any Good?

It’s amazing what you find out about when you start looking.

Chinatown Summer Nights is just such an event. It’s going to overlap with Chinatown’s 75th Anniversary, and it seems to be a bit like the Night Market, only on a smaller scale, but with more Cooking Demonstrations, Cultural activities and the like.

I guess.  I mean, I haven’t been.

It strikes me as a mystery worth solving.  Hmmm…

From their Website:

Part food event, part summer party, Chinatown Summer Nights presents an exciting hot spot for Angelenos this August. Taste the many culinary offerings of Chinatown and LA’s gourmet food trucks; sample the neighborhood’s wares; watch Chinese chefs perform cooking demonstrations; experience large-scale, outdoor video projections; take part in hands-on, Chinese cultural activities presented by local organizations and museums; sip on craft brews and dance in Central Plaza with 89.9 KCRW’s DJ’s!

Presented by the Chinatown Business Improvement District, Community Arts Resources (CARS) and KCRW, in association with Los Angeles Chinatown Corporation, and the ChungKing Plaza Association.

A schedule of events can be found here. But to give you a taste of what’ll be there, the events include (again, according to the website):

Chinatown Restaurants
Music and Dancing (with KCRW DJs!)
Local Live Bands @ LA Weekly Stage
LA Craft Experience artist market
LA’s Gourmet Food Trucks
Culinary Stage
Family-Friendly Chinese Cultural Workshops
Local Bars
Large-Scale Video Projections
Outdoor Seating
Accessible, clean public restrooms

That last one is always a plus.

Hey if Chinatown Summer Nights wants to get into a contest over who has the better Chinese-slash-Asian themed food festival with the Night Market, I’m all for it. Most food for all us!

I’m looking to do this. It will be held on three more Saturdays this Summer (amazing, just like the Night Market!): June 15th, July 20th and August 17th, each night from 5pm to Midnight.


Chinatown Summer Nights