Is It Any Good?

So I went to a class last week, and got me a book.

Flavorful Shortcuts

The class was held at the Pacific Asia Museum, and taught by Farhana Sahibzada (and yes, I’m cutting and pasting her name into this story, because I don’t dare try to spell her name on my own).

Okay, it was a little disorganized. It wasn’t clear but this may have been the first Hot-over stove Cooking Event the Pacific Asia Museum held. Usually, they’ve done stuff like wrapping Spring Rolls, and calling it a day. This was Indian Food, Indian Food…like say, Somosas, that need to be pan fried. And the Pacific Asia Museum is kinda a cultural-slash-historical Landmark.

Translated: It’s a really old building we don’t want to see get burned to the ground.

So the Auditorium was out. The Courtyard turned out to be out, and we wound up cramped into a tiny little corner of the Museum where the Staff normally go. It was dark, twenty people showed up, and we had to fry our Somosas six people at a time.

But the food was good. What can I say? I’m still not 100% sure how to fold the rice paper properly. (I think I need to add another 15-20 degrees to my normal paper football-like fold.) But I got a handle on making Somosa filling. I got a handle on how to make a Mango Llisa, although we skipped the two spoonfuls of sugar.

But it was a good lesson. It makes sense what Mrs. Sahibzada is doing. Learn to make good Indian good with a ease of preparation and a modicum of skill. Learn to do those basics, and then maybe you can move on to more advanced stuff.