Is It Any Good?

How can a restaurant that looks this nice, serve such average food? Oh yeah, it’s on Sunset. Couldn’t you tell?

Luca On Sunset on Urbanspoon

It’s after a screening at the nearby Director’s Guild of America. You’re looking for a place to eat, have a bite, sit down and discuss what you’ve seen. This is something we do here in L.A. Up until recently, there wasn’t much to choose from if you wanted that bite near the Director’s Guild. And after going to Luca on Sunset

…there still isn’t.

Look, I’m all for a there being more places on Sunset, and not all of them have to be home runs, or sensational meals, but at least try dangit.

First thing I did when I sat down was look over Luca’s. It’s nice. Real nice. It’s got two “areas”. One with just a bar. One dining area with Televisions, a fireplace and a nice open kitchen. I mean, as far as eye candy goes, the place looks fantastic. The waitstaff was courteous and friendly. My party and I got sat down fast, and menus were handed right out.

And…then the concern started to creep in.

What’s with this book you call a menu? I mean, it must’ve been ten pages long (okay, it was only six pages, but still…damn!). Still, with a place that looks like…well…THIS, I’m expecting a one page handcrafted bill of faire. Not here.

Heck, I can’t even get a good vibe on what it is they do here, looking at the menu. It’s all over the place. It seems to run from your average Trattoria to Denny’s at Breakfast time.

So what do you do? In my case, I went cautious. Instead of picking out the best thing on the menu (which I’m pretty sure would have burned me), I went for the least offensive thing on the menu.

I can’t sit here and call Luca on Sunset a great place. It can’t say it has great food. It’s…acceptable. You’ll live with it. You’ll accept it, but you’ll also have the nagging feeling you could have done better someplace else.


WHAT SHOULD I GET?: I’m not going to be too snarky here. It’s not…bad. It’s just not memorable. It’s not something you feel an overwhelming need to get to, or bring someone to.

I got a Ham and Cheddar Toasty Melt.

Right. What was I thinking?…you’re probably thinking.

It’s like I said. I get handed this big monstrosity of a menu. I can’t get a good vibe as to what this Restaurant claims to do better than the rest. So I got something low wattage. And you know what? It was low wattage. It was fine. It was not extraordinary. It filled me up, and that was about it.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP, PEOPLE: One good thing right off the bat. Their hours. They stay open late.

Also, be sure to get your Parking Validated. Because…


PARKING: Wonderful. Spacious. Luca on Sunset is based in it’s own building, a combination Residential/Commercial complex. Thus there’s a pretty big Garage based within. Heck, I parked there instead of going to underneath the Director’s Guild. Only thing is, it’s expensive. Needless to say, I forgot to get my Parking Validated by the restaurant, and between the screening and dinner, I got socked with a $12 Parking Tab. Not…cheap.


Luca on Sunset
7950 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Tel: (323) 822-2900

Monday-Sunday 7 am – 12 am