Is It Any Good?

Tomorrow is the day if you’d like to go running and jumping through a man-made Obstacle Course, and have all the proceeds go to a worthy charity.

Tomorrow is Concrete Hero at the L.A. State Historic Park.

Basically, you get in your running gear, and take on some man-made obstacles, a few of which are shown here (and in the video above). And it’s all for a good cause:

Proceeds from Concrete Hero support APLA’s on the ground work for more than 10,000 clients in Los Angeles: giving out thousands of bags of free groceries to those who face HIV and hunger; finding safe shelter for those who are ill and homeless; restoring smiles for those who have suffered from painful oral health problems related to their HIV, and so much more. More than 3,100 people stream into APLA’s HIV prevention, education, and testing programs around the county initiatives. These initiatives focus on youth, people of color, and others who are at highest risk of infection but often lack access to the services they need to stay healthy and negative. And, from City Hall to the U.S. Capitol, APLA fights hard to protect and defend government programs depended on by all Angelenos affected by HIV.

To be clear, APLA stands for AIDS Project Los Angeles.  They’re the one’s receiving the money.  They’re the one’s who will wisely spend this money.

Anyway here are the race details are available at  Concrete Hero‘s quite awesome website. Click here for more details.


PARKING: Click here for a Concrete Hero Parking Map.


Concrete Hero
Los Angeles State Historic Park