From the L.A. Times’ Jenn Harris, who’s apparently on the Sriracha Beat:

Just when you thought Sriracha couldn’t get any better, someone paired it with bacon. Sriracha bacon lollipops do exist, and they’re the latest product on the market fueling the country’s current love affair with the red hot sauce.


Lollyphile, the Texas-based candy company that earlier this year launched vegan breast-milk-flavored lollipops, has just come out with a new Sriracha bacon flavor. The company has also made Sriracha lollipops and a maple bacon flavor.


“We’ve made several kinds of bacon candy and were the first to make a Sriracha candy,” said Lollyphile owner Jason Darling in a release. “This feels like a pretty natural progression, headed straight for awesomeness.”


According to the Lollyphile website, the lollipops are “candied salty spicy peppery porky goodness.” And of course, they’re red.