Well, that’s kind of a downer if you’re into Food Blogging.

I have to admit, I do this, but I don’t do this as much as I’d like. Why? Usually, by the time I remember to get a pic of my ┬ádamn meal, I’ve already eaten it. So clearly, even for the proprietor of this blog, photographing my meal ain’t a priority.

Happy Birthday to me, Phillipe's The Original, Chinatown.

Well…um…I guess this is a photographic mea culpa if there ever was one.

But the reaction of some of the New York Chef Illuminati is a bit…well…much.

Granted, you have the legal right to set the rules for your establishment. But I have the right to walk the [BLEEP] out of it that happens, and yeah…that means I’m walking out of David Chang’s twelve seat months in-advance, hard as hell to get in place in Manhattan, Ko.

Not only am I walking out, I ain’t paying.

The Chef has a right to establish the rules of his establishment, and I have a right to find those rules disagreeable…and leave.

But Gawker asked the right question in their piece on the “controversy”:

Today, the New York Times ran a story titled “Restaurants Turn Camera Shy,” about the push back against the now ubiquitous act of diners taking photos of their food. As one would expect of a Times trend story about frivolous bullshit, no one profiled in the story comes off as sane and/or respectable. But who’s the worst? That’s for you to decide.

And they went on to list the candidates, including David Chang. Read the piece. It’s a better read than the one in the New York Times piece.