Yes! What I think is the best Dumpling House in Los Angeles, Din Tai Fung, is adding a new location at the Americana Center this September (Editor’s note: It’s open now, and a review has been posted).

Some people don’t find this particularly good news since they find the Taipei location of Din Tai Fung superior, feeling “the further the brand gets from Taiwan, the less spectacular the dumplings are”.

That’s fine. As soon as those people are willing to fund regular trips for me to Taipei, complete with Airfare and Hotel, I’ll be sure to agree with them.

Where they’re going to put Din Tai Fung is another matter. It doesn’t look like Trattoria Amici, Frida’s, Granville or Katsuya lack for business, or are in any danger…at least from outside appearances. There is a space, directly across from the Americana (next door to the former Pho Citi) that is undergoing major, major renovations (Editor’s note…that space became Brand 158).


We’re also getting Michael Mina’s Bourbon Steak sometime in 2014 as well. This is great news too as Americana needs a good ol’ fashioned Steak place.