Coming off the Hipster Beer price hike, there is word of a Craft Beer explosion happening in the South Bay:

Do you hear that low rumble? That’s the sound of the South Bay, exploding with unbelievable craft beer breweries. It started slow at first, with a few noticeable blips on the Los Angeles beer radar, and has steadily jostled its way into the spotlight. With half a dozen breweries, some just emerging now, centered primarily around Torrance, there’s no denying it anymore: sand, sun, surf and suds go together really, really well.

Perhaps the most recognizable name in the South Bay craft beer scene is Strand Brewing, having opened way, way back in 2010 by friends Joel Elliott and Rich Marcello. The pair were among the first serious brewers (forgetting, of course, that they had little idea of what they were getting themselves into at the time) to set up shop in the South Bay, operating out of an industrial park in Torrance. It took a couple of years, but now Elliott and Marcello are brewing in the back of that same Torrance industrial space, slinging from the taps in the front from Thursday to Sunday and beginning a bottling operation on the side. Soon, you’ll be able to find Strand’s Beach House Amber and Atticus IPA on beer store shelves all over Los Angeles.

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