Hmm. Hollywood sits on a fault line. I know, LET’S BUILD SKYSCRAPERS.

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This is the same town, mind you…that when they tried to dig a tunnel for the Metro down Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood Blvd. started to freakin’ sink because it was built on sand.

Now, they want to build Skyscrapers around the Capitol Records Building.



What could possibly go wrong?

Via the L.A. Times:

The Los Angeles City Council approved a plan Wednesday that would radically alter the Hollywood skyline despite warnings from state officials that the project site may lie on a major earthquake fault line.


The 13-0 vote in favor of the Hollywood Millennium project allows New York-based developer Millennium Partners to build two skyscrapers and more than 1 million square feet of office, hotel and retail space on several vacant parking lots surrounding the iconic Capitol Records building. The towers would be 39 and 35 stories tall.


Mayor Eric Garcetti, who championed new development in Hollywood for 12 years on the City Council, said he planned to sign the deal. Newly elected Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who replaced Garcetti after he termed out this year, called the $664-million project a “game changer” that would create jobs and new tax revenue while bringing more life to Hollywood’s eastern edge.


The council approved the project despite requests from opponents that the vote be delayed. Community members have complained that the skyscrapers are out of scale with the surrounding architecture and will add to already gridlocked traffic on neighboring streets and the busy 101 Freeway.


In recent days, they have also raised concerns about seismic safety, citing the project’s proximity to the Hollywood fault.


On Saturday, the head of the California Geological Survey, John Parrish, sent a letter to Council President Herb Wesson alerting him that the skyscrapers “may fall within an earthquake fault zone.”


Parrish said Wednesday that a map drawn by his agency in 2010 showed that the Hollywood fault “goes right through the Millennium site.”

Great, and L.A. New Mayor apparently championed this idea. ¬†All he sees is Tax Revenue dollar signs, which…granted…the City needs, but it also doesn’t need a major disaster on its hands either.

No good will come of this. I promise you.

It will be a great place to visit, but when the @#$% hits the fan…and it will hit the fan…you don’t want to be anywhere near it.