From Chinese Food blogger Clarissa Wei at the Los Angeles Times is a good list of six late night spots to get your grub on Hong Kong Style.  But her description of Hong Kong Cafes was fantastic:

Billed as Hong Kong cafes, these late-night diners offer an eclectic mix of Cantonese and westernized food. They’re called cha chaan teng (or tea restaurant) and date back to the 1950s in Hong Kong, when British influence was at its peak and the middle class sought out more westernized cuisines and other lifestyle choices. Late hours, cheap prices and expansive menu options have been consistent features.


All the comforts of a traditional diner are there: coffee, large portions and grease. Steak and chicken cutlets are served with a complimentary side of soup and there’s a great selection of Hong Kong comfort food options such as wonton noodles and congee if you have a hankering for something Chinese.


There’s something for everyone at these diners. The menus, thick and bound like books, list hundreds of dishes. The food isn’t innovative and service can be awfully frustrating, but like all late-night dining options, it hits the spot when you need it the most.

Tasty Garden is the one restaurant on this list I’ve been too, but this is one list worth exploring.