…but close enough.

Well, this started this weekend, and is already making people’s commutes to and from the Valley more than a bit of a nightmare.


This from Laura J. Nelson’s piece in the Los Angeles Times:

For four months, starting Friday night, drivers on the northbound 405 Freeway will not be able to exit on Sunset Boulevard.


The off-ramp will be closed until Dec. 1 as crews build a longer exit, which officials say will add 60% capacity in one of the Westside’s most congested intersections. Crews will also widen the Sunset Bridge over the freeway and an undercrossing.


The new off-ramp will feature two right-hand turn lanes to eastbound Sunset and one left-turn lane to westbound Sunset.


Metro recommends that drivers who normally exit on westbound Sunset take westbound Wilshire Boulevard or Moraga Drive off-ramps.


For eastbound Sunset drivers, the recommended detour is the eastbound Wilshire off-ramp.