Not a Pie eating Contest, just a Pie tasting contest?

At LACMA?  This Saturday, September 7th.


Seriously…what the–??


The contest is now closed to cooks, but not tasters. That’s you, yes? Be down there for samples of vegan, fruit, nut, chiffon, savory, and art-inspired pies. The time is 2 to 4 p.m.


And don’t be surprised to see Moby milling about. The electronic artist and lover of architecture — and pie — is the vegan judge.


If you get your tastes in and still find that you’re pie-mad, make for Ray’s and Stark Bar, which will have a hare pie on the menu as well as a pie-in-the-glass (the flavor is peach).


Even if you don’t have a single sample, you’ll see what is obvious: Sometimes two things rarely considered together, in the same thought, like museums and pie, just work. We don’t constantly need to keep apart those things that seem lofty and those things that seem humble in two different sectors. Call it a mash-up of a deliciously cultural sort.

Story courtesy NBC Los Angeles.

And yeah, I’m totally going.


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