What was old is…well…gone.

I’m talking about the old Entrance to the Huntington Library and Gardens. It’s gone. Way gone. As in someone’s taken a wrecking ball to it, gone.

Huntington Library 3
See what I mean?   That, used to look like this:


The Huntington Library and Gardens is building a new Education and Visitor’s Center (EVC) to be completed in early 2015, and it should look a little like this:


This from the Huntington’s Project Website:

The EVC will be composed of a complex of gardens and buildings designed to harmonize with the Huntington’s original early 20th-century Beaux-Arts architecture. New facilities will replace some of the older facilities. But there also will be a new café, classrooms, expanded gift shop, and a lecture hall with raked seating, among other features.

Yeah, for me that’s two membership cycles from now. Don’t nobody say I don’t help out.

(Although, it turns out that they raised the $60 Million from private Sources…so maybe I didn’t.)