A friend of mine, who lives close to the Rose Bowl…found it damn near impossible to get home the night of the big Jay-Z concert Sunday Night.

Why?  Because the Hired Security for the Concert wouldn’t let her through.

Now…mind you.  The Rose Bowl do present a traffic challenge for local residents, one they are warned about and do know how to work around.

But…she wasn’t trying to get into the Concert.

She wasn’t even trying to hang out near the Concert.

She was trying to pass by the Rose Bowl entirely and go the @#$% home.

Why was she not allowed to go by the Rose Bowl ?  Because apparently, the Rent-A-Cop did not believe there were even homes on the street where she lived.

…you know…the street where she’d been living for almost twenty years with her family, and who knows how many years before that.

He went so far as to even point in the opposite direction and tell her she must live over there.  Because he knows the area so well.

He even started SCREAMING at her at one point, demanding that she MOVE ON because there was a concert bus behind her, and apparently Jay Z’s customers couldn’t wait the 30 seconds it took for her to find my Resident Pass.

It was only after she got angry right back that Paul Mart Mall Cop finally allowed to go to on home.

To her actual home, not the one he thought was…over there somewhere.

But this is ridiculous.

I’m afraid whoever was running the Concert that night has an upside down view of the relationship between the Rose Bowl and the surrounding Community.

Jay Z does not live in Pasadena.

The Rose Bowl is not his front or back yard.

Jay Z is, in fact, a guest of the people of Pasadena…as are the Rent-A-Goons he hires to manage security around his events.

Jay Z is not the President of the United States, and does not need a Security Cordon extending past the Rose Bowl and into the surrounding community (which has a lot of very nice homes and very nice people).  All Jay-Z’s Rent-A-Goons need to do is make sure no one sneaks into the Venue without a ticket, and make sure there are no drunken brawls.  They should not interfere with life for the Residents of Pasadena…as one of them did last night.

Jay Z’s Concert was a valuable presence for Pasadena, and I think every one of Pasadena’s residents would all welcome him back.

…so long as he remembers who’s really in charge here, who gets priority when it comes to Pasadena.  Because it’s not Jay Z.

Jay  Z is a guest…nothing more.  More to the point, he’s a guest in someone else’s home, and he, his Mall Cops, and the Rose Bowl should act like it.