Not all of American History is pretty…


Every year, a group of Japanese-Americans…or more to the point Japanese-American survivors of our Internment (Concentration) Camps make a pilgrimage out to the site of the Manzanar Internment Camp.

I can only imagine the solemnity of such occasion, a gathering of survivors, sorrow and sadness. It’s something that I was tempted to do, but the drive may be a little much for me.  But someday, one of these years, I want to attend.

The camp is 230 miles away from Los Angeles, AKA a 4 1/2 drive there. The Manzanar Committee has a page for directions. It starts at 12pm, Saturday April 27, 2013.

(Special note: I did not take the above photograph.  I found it on Google as I wanted folks to see what the memorial looked like.)